April 16th & 24th - Mission- Abbotsford

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Wednesday April 16

5:00 to 7:00 pm: Reception
Meet the designers and see their portfolios. Enjoy complimentary appetizers and drinks.

7:00 to 9:00 pm: A First Glance
Featuring guest speakers Valerie Elliott from iD2 Communications and GDC National Sustainability Chair, Lorne Craig from Unicycle Creative, and Johnathon Strebly, GDC BC Chapter President, who will challenge green issues and provide an engaging look at designing for the future.

Heritage Park Centre
33700 Prentis Ave., Mission, BC

If you are coming in from Vancouver, book a seat on the Green bus Leaving Vancouver from Pacific Central Station at 4:00 pm and returning from Mission at 9:30. Book Now!



Lorne Craig, CGD

Unicycle Creative Consultancy
You Are Here

An exploration of 'green' issues and sustainability literacy for designers, businesspeople and other earthlings. As our planet continues to revolve and evolve, the concept of 'sustainability' has begun to take hold and spread. How is this important for designers and their business clients? How much sustainability knowledge will be required for survival in the coming decades? Lorne Craig looks at a broad range of 'green' issues, including labeling, greenwashing, reporting, storytelling, supply-chain transparency and even dipping a toe into ecological economic theory. Liberally infused with design examples and questionable humour, this is an entertaining look at the Green Universe and our place in it.

Lorne Craig is a Creative Director, blogger, writer and consultant who has worked on a wide variety of brands in an advertising career that spans a quarter-century. As co-founder and Creative Director of an independent Vancouver ad agency, he won creative awards for radio, web, print, design and television. Now he is President of the Unicycle Creative consultancy, providing communications strategy for environmental and socially-sustainable businesses.
(unicyclecreative.com) His Green Briefs blog (greenbriefs.ca) has been stripping down sustainable marketing issues for its readers since 2007. And yes, he does unicycle. Though not as well as he does that other stuff.


Valerie Elliott CGD, CERT PR

GDC Sustainability Chair and Creative Director of iD2 Communications
Designing for Change

Why do the things that surround us look like they do? How do trends suddenly appear? From set design to architecture, from graphic design to science—for centuries designers have dictated what our future will look like. Valerie will visually explore how design created today will fuel we can expect to see in the coming decades.

Valerie helps businesses and not-for-profits recognize the value of sustainable communication solutions in positioning strategies. She is an appointed juror for the Icograda Sustainability Standards and is a member of the Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada.

A sustainable communication designer and engagement strategist, Valerie developed and coordinated the 2001 GDC DesignCares Travelling Forum and Exhibit that traveled the globe; was appointed to advise the BC Government on how to encourage individual participation in climate action initiatives; and created the brand and communication strategy for federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

While not working, Valerie makes paints and plasters for her 1914 project house.



Graphic Designers of Canada, President BC Chapter
EmCee and Moderator

Johnathon has decades of experience and involvement in the creative industries. As principal of his own design studio, a mentor, an educator, and an advocate for creativity, he is committed to encouraging growth as well as change in the creative and applied arts. Johnathon is a past president of CAPIC Vancouver, VP Business Practices CAPIC National, and currently sits as President of the vibrant GDC BC Executive. As a Program Coordinator of three college design programs, Johnathon is able to directly influence the growth of young designers and help them navigate the unique challenges of today’s design environment. A lifelong obsession for fine food and drink led him to co-create Gourmet vs Gourmand, a video-based celebration of food culture. Johnathon is an old school punk rocker turned design professional. The mohawk may be gone but he still stands by its ethos: Create change through active outreach.