amy hall


Graphic designer // optimist // never sugar coated // terrified of moths // enthusiast of branding, typography and creation in general

GRAD 1/22

ashley elford


Graphic designer—born and raised in the Valley—finding inspiration in my surroundings.

GRAD 2/22

Ashley Leclair


I am a dog park regular, avid photographer, neat-freak, and best of all a graphic designer.

GRAD 3/22

Attila Ferenczi


Abbotsford artist, working with various traditional and digital art techniques. Successful, exceptional, and extraordinary.

GRAD 4/22

Brittany Kopetsch

ABOUT brittany

Graphic designer. Optimist enthusiast. “I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares, as opposed to ugly things. That’s my intent.” –Saul Bass

GRAD 5/22

Cassondra Mitchell

ABOUT cassondra

Curiosity crusader with a penchant for the conceptual. Aspiring unicorn breeder and dinosaur enthusiast.

GRAD 6/22

Clark Giesbrecht

ABOUT clark

Former carpenter, now graphic designer. There’s almost no problem you can’t fix with a good hammer.

GRAD 7/22

Colton Floris


Designer and illustrator in the Fraser Valley.
My hobbies include, but aren’t limited to,
drawing wizards and making gut-busting .gifs

GRAD 8/22

Emily McLean

ABOUT emily

The liveliest graphic designer around. Extreme enthusiast of typography, branding, illustration and most importantly, food.

GRAD 9/22

Ju Zhang

ABOUT felix

Illustrator and designer from China. I like to draw, especially comic book art and concept art.

GRAD 10/22

Gabriella Denizot

ABOUT gabriella

The gift of the gab // noun. informal—the ability to speak easily and confidently in a way that makes people want to listen to you and believe you.

GRAD 11/22

Imroze Deol

ABOUT imroze

Graphic Designer // branding // photography // not so professional ping pong athlete // PT Batman

GRAD 12/22

Katelyn Offereins

ABOUT katelyn

Graphic designer // people person // athlete // lover of hand lettering, branding, photography, and adventures!

GRAD 13/22

Kenichi Kajiyama

ABOUT kenichi

Imaginative illustrator and graphic designer. I want to create new worlds and adventure with fellow comrades.

GRAD 14/22

Meagan Joyce

ABOUT meagan

I am a traditional artist from Maple Ridge, pastels are my specialty. I love animation, character design, and video games.

GRAD 15/22

Melanie Heppner

ABOUT melanie

Fraser Valley designer and illustrator // messy painter // fitness junkie // dog lover // outdoor enthusiast // yoga fan // professional a** kicker

GRAD 16/22

Robbie Li

ABOUT robbie

I am a creative designer from the Fraser Valley. I am an open minded person and a team player. I love to work on packaging, logos, branding, and posters.

GRAD 17/22

Rochelle Burt

ABOUT rochelle

Colourful creative designer of the Fraser Valley. Snap chat and cats are my thing. Graphic design is my passion.

GRAD 18/22

Sam Lebitschnig


I’m a monochromatic person who sees the world through nothingness and everything. The contrast of sight and perception intriques me.

GRAD 19/22

Shyanne Schedel

ABOUT shyanne

“There is no reality, only perception” Graphic designer // introverted extrovert // optimist enthusiast // professional foodie // pugs are forever

GRAD 20/22

Sydney Wiebe

ABOUT sydney

This secret superhero and her puppy sidekick, Penny can be found creating design concepts of beauty, strength and imagination.

GRAD 21/22


ABOUT vicki

Graphic designer // thinker // puzzle solver // illustration and trivia enthusiast // hoarder of pens and markers... sharpies!

GRAD 22/22