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Professional Association

GDD is actively engaged with the BC Chapter of the Graphic Designers of Canada.

The GDD graduating class of 2015 would like to thank our partners, the University of the Fraser Valley faculty and staff, and the District of Mission for their continued support.

Thank You

  • Peter Arkell, Seyem' Qwantlen Business Group
  • Dave Perrit, Grab-a-Java
  • Max Burridge, Grab-a-Java
  • Johnathon Vaughn Strebly, President, GDC BC Chapter
  • Patrick Cotter
  • Jelly Digital Marketing, Darian Kovacs
  • The Reach Gallery Museum, Cherlandra Estrada and Donna Dempsey
  • Karo, Martin Batten
  • 123w, Kim Ridgewell
  • New Leaf Creative Solutions
  • Martin Jackson
  • Barbarian Press, Crispin and Jan Elsted
  • Also Known As, Josh Vanderheide
  • Stephen Bau, BLDRS Collective
  • Chris Bertram, UFV
  • Wenona Victor
  • Mission Writers Festival, Diana Muntigl
  • Stave West Communications Team
  • John Lau
  • Jessica Macbeth
  • Carol Aitken, GDC BC Chapter Education Chair
  • Hive Vancouver Society
  • District of Mission
  • Mission Chamber of Commerce
  • Cascade Aerospace
  • Fraser Valley Health Care Foundation
  • Abbotsford Community Foundation
  • Fraser Valley Child Development Centre
  • Abbotsford Community Services
  • CNIB
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Ken Selvaraja, Lanka Jewels
  • Mission Folk Music Festival
  • Finnegans
  • Brent Purves, Stir Solutions
  • Kim Elkington, Relevention Marketing
  • Daniel Ryu, Relevention Marketing
  • Robyn Sommerville, Relevention Marketing
  • Mike Moraal, Rally Creative
  • Summer Dhillon, Slap Communications
  • Bosco Anthony
  • David Reeves
  • Kane Hopkins
  • Randy Dueck
  • Teena Aujla
  • Cloe Aigner
  • Corrie Heringa
  • Tamaka Fisher, Arts and Heritage Coordinator for the City of Abbotsford
  • Travis Collier, CLOU
  • Dave Hopkins, Glenmore Printing
  • Ryan Romero, CLOU
  • Katt Stearns, Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Megan Seely and Kelly Chen, Chestnut St. Pixel Foundry
  • UFV Alumni Association
  • UFV College of Arts
  • UFV Advancement
  • UFV Marketing and Communications
  • Mission Business and Professional Womens Association

Special Thanks

  • Colton Floris/Valley Design concept, art direction and design, GDD Grad 2015
  • Gabriella Denizot/Valley Design Website Development, GDD Grad 2015
  • Camilla Coates/GDD Lab Support for students and faculty
  • Miranda Ting/GDD Assistant Professor & Digital Design Coordinator
  • Nova Hopkins/GDD Assistant Professor & Project Manager
  • Karin Jager/GDD Department Head
  • Vicki Bolan/GDD Department Assistant


PechaKucha Partners

PechaKucha 4 [PARADIGM] Change

  • Mark Busse, Designer/Strategist and Creative Community Activist
  • Kayla Feenstra, Tiny House, Abby Digs Homeless Village, and local school gardens
  • Matej Balaz, Graphic Designer and Cinematographer
  • Sheila Perry
  • Brennan Gleason, Domain 7
  • Harmony Thiessen, Executive Director of the Langley Arts Council
  • Steffen Janzen, Relevention
  • Johnathon Christian, We Make Stuff Happen
  • Adelle Renaud, Designer
  • Randall Peters, Executive Director Run for Water
  • Ken Wuschke, Social Entrepreneur

PechaKucha 5 [PARADIGM] Connections

  • Shawn Neumann, Founder & CEO, Domain 7
  • Jared Falk, Drumeo
  • Krista Hesketh, The Blonde Jedi
  • Greg Meeres, Boldfish Video Productions
  • Carly Butler Verheyen, Photographer/Writer
  • Tim McAlpine, Currency Marketing
  • Anne-Marie Wee, The Dessert Republic
  • David Reeve, Unleash Culture
  • Bosco Anthony, Digital Strategy
  • Brad Haima, Circle Graphics
  • Michael Boronowski, Civic Engagement & Corporate Initiatives, District of Mission
  • Sheila Reimer, UFV Advancement
  • Cherlandra Estrada, The Reach
  • Simran Bains, VP, Operations, Westberry Farms
  • Sarah Clark, Jelly Digital Marketing & PR
  • Alisha Deddens, Installation Artist & Young Contemporaries Leader

PechaKucha 6 New Frontiers

  • Laura Cameron-Delisle / Environmental Educator
  • Mark Wardell / Business Coach
  • Cydney Myers, Kara Hanson and Carolina Silva / Share my next meal
  • Taya Hawes-Puiu / Partners & Hawes Branding/Marketing
  • Connie Hackett / Emerge Leadership
  • Kris Foulds / The Reach Gallery Museum
  • Adam Wormald / Cassiar MediaWorks
  • Derrick Swallow / uDistrict and UFV 2025
  • Patrick Oystryk / Abbotsforward